Sunday, November 30, 2008

News - Co-op Insurance cuts 2000 jobs

The Co-op’s insurance service is to cut 2000 jobs over the next two years. The Co-operative Insurance Society, headquartered in Manchester, said 2500 jobs would be lost in a restructuring designed to modernise the business.

TubeNet :: Instrument Insurance.

Author: Richardrichard9 Subject: Instrument Insurance. Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2007 4:12 pm (GMT -5) Topic Replies: 1 With my new tuba, I am considering instrument insurance. The whole thing just gets me a little confused.

Carbon insurance

I don’t know if this is a great idea or a terrible idea, so I’ll just throw it out. One of the problems with proprosed carbon cap-and-trade systems is the uncertainty of the real value of carbon credits.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

How to save money buying Life Insurance

The best way to save money on Life Insurance is to buy Term Life Insurance and shop around. Term Life Insurance, compared with Permanent Life Insurance, is much cheaper.

Nationwide Insurance Individual Medical Take Over

Effective January 1, 2008 all current Individual Nationwide Medical Insurance customers will have Medical Mutual of Ohio as thier new Insurance carrier. Medical Mutual has one of the larges networks in ohio.

Hefty insurance premium hikes looming for BC's worst drivers

The Insurance Corp. of BC has put high risk drivers on notice _ break their bad habits or pay the penalty. ICBC spokesman Doug Henderson says a new policy takes effect Jan. 1 that will raise the premiums of BC's worst drivers.

classic car insurance quote

There has never been a time when it has been easier for the average person in the street to own a sports car but most people are put off unnecessarily by the maintenance and insurance costs.